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“With shared sense of purpose and unwavering commitment, Catholic sisters improve the lives of millions in remarkable and unexpected ways,” said Brad Myers, Senior Program Officer of the Catholic Sisters Initiative at the Hilton Foundation. “The sisters had a profound impact on Conrad Hilton’s life, and we intend to follow through with his wish to support them as powerful agents for social change in today’s world.”
August 2016 is the one-year anniversary of my profession of final vows, my first “vow-iversary” one might say! This month I also attended the LCWR Assembly as a representative for Giving Voice along with fellow Core Team member, Chero Chuma, CSJP. Margaret Wheatley set the stage with the opening talk entitled, “Finding Ground in the Age of Groundlessness.” She closed her remarks with some profound insights into the significance of vows.
“Let us bring the gifts that differ, and in splendid varied ways… Sing a new church into being.  One in faith and love and praise.”  With the words of this song, over 20 sisters in their 40’s both began and ended their weekend gathering, August 5 -  7th in Seattle, Washington,  Under the theme of “Emerging and Empowering:  Mercy as a lens for leadership” we gathered to pray, share, contemplate, and build community.  (And of course have a bit of fun too!)
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