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In January my Congregation made a difficult decision to close our convent at the end of June. The conversations and discernment that preceded this decision left me with a sense of peace but also sadness. In 1930 our sisters arrived at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Greenwich Village (Manhattan). The parish started nearly forty years earlier and with a new church built, it was time for a school.
Did you ever notice that the words listen and silent have the same letters? I find this interesting.  In order to really listen, I need to be truly silent.  As an extrovert, this is not easy.  When I listen, I tend to think about how I will respond. I want to be a better listener. In fact, my word for 2020 is listen. Every January for the past few years, I have chosen a word as a focal point. There is certainly a lot to listen to this year.  At times, there is too much to listen to and I have... more
Nsukka, which is a town I grew up in, is a university town with an international flair. It is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria in Enugu state. Growing up, my family and I worshipped at St. Peter’s Chaplaincy within the University. At a typical liturgy, you would find people from America, Asia and Europe affiliated with the university.