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Ever since the immensity of COVID-19 became clear in the middle of March, I have struggled with one question: What can I do to make a difference? Now it seems I am asking myself that same question, but not just about COVID. Over the summer, as masses of people protested the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other people of color who have faced racial violence, I have asked myself: what can I do? With thousands of acres of California and Oregon on fire, I ask myself: what can I... more
As I was reflecting on what ministry looks like for me right now, the only way I could explain it was through analogy. Imagine that you were in the middle of staging a production of a play right before lockdown, let’s say Romeo and Juliet. Very abruptly you were forced to stop production and you left the sets, costumes, and scripts behind to wait while the world reeled from the events of 2020.
Ten Sisters involved in the Giving Voice Network are joining Network Lobby’s annual “Nuns on the Bus Tour” which this year involves several virtual stops.